International Southeast Asia CHI 2022 Workshop

14 April 2022

“Equity, Justice and Access Commitments”

Southeast Asia that consists of eleven countries, has been proud of its way of life and rich culture and is generally happy to maintain its long comforting tradition. However, the region cannot deny that its diverse population and strategic location have become a center of attention for global players to invest in the region. With the emergence of Industry 4.0, digital transformation has become mandatory for any organizations or nations in Southeast Asia to consider. Through SEACHI (Southeast Asian CHI) Symposium, we aim to grow awareness in HCI and UX to improve the design and development of technology for a living and bring together the Southeast Asian academic researchers and industry practitioners.

As HCI is maturing in Asia, we identified the remarkable growth and needs of HCI in the Southeast Asian community. In this symposium, we have several questions that we would like to answer: To what extent the HCI and UX that has been taught and practiced in Southeast Asia met the needs to support the digital transformation initiatives in the region; whether there has been any significant and proper contextualization of the HCI and UX fields; whether HCI and UX are still perceived as a Western mindset instead of a localized approach to make a difference in any projects; whether HCI and UX have become a standard norm in the digital product and design process and how HCI and UX players in Southeast Asia have worked together to create a unique ecosystem.

SEACHI (Southeast Asia Computer Human Interaction) community has grown significantly since its conception in 2015. There has been exponential development of the community that influences the development of HCI research and practice in Southeast Asia and the rest of Asia.

Under the big conference theme “Equity, Justice, and Access Commitments,” this highly curated workshop will invite players, key leaders, and stakeholders from academia and industry to present their insights and ideas on navigating the development of HCI and UX in Southeast Asia region. Through an interactive design thinking workshop, the presenters and participants will actively prepare HCI and UX agendas for the academia, industries, governments, and non-government fields and publish them as a guideline for the public. This event is about bringing equal and fair access for anyone to exchange information and transfer of knowledge in this multidisciplinary environment and multi-socioeconomic aspects of research and practice of HCI and UX in Southeast Asia.

In 2022, SEACHI 2022 Virtual Workshop will be organised as a collocated event of the Asian CHI 2022 Virtual Symposium. The workshop will specifically address a working agenda to accelerate HCI and UX research, community and collaboration in Southeast Asia.


All accepted Original Works authors will have a choice to publish their works at
ACM Digital Library (ISBN: 978-1-4503-9250-1)

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Submission Deadline: February 25, 2022

Notification of Acceptance: March 10, 2022

Submission of Camera-Ready Version: March 24, 2022

SEACHI 2022 Virtual Workshop: April 14, 2022